40 Couples You Never Knew Were Together!

It’s really hard to be shocked when it comes to love in Hollywood. But from time to time, a few pairings manage to make our jaws drop. Here’s a look at some surprising celebrity couples with a little amor a la Latina:

1. Rosario Dawson & Jay-Z

Rosario Dawson & Jay-Z

Before he married Queen Bey, Jay-Z dated one gorgeous Latina, Rosario Dawson! The relationship was short lived, as Jay soon moved on to Beyonce and Dawson went on to date Sex and the City hunk Jason Lewis.

2. Michael Cera & Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza & Michael Cera

In 2010, the duo almost got married after shooting Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Plaza revealed the two fell in love during a cross-country road trip and dated for "a year and a half." She even said that he is "very special" to her and they still love each other. "We're still really good friends. He's just a weird little freak and we speak the same language...He's one of the funniest people I know."

3. Surprising Couples: Andrew Keegan and Tamera Mowry

 Andrew Keegan & Tamera Mowry-Housley

In the '90s, Andrew Keegan was quite the heartthrob, and Tamera Mowry was one of the lucky ones who actually snagged some one-on-time with him. During a recent airing of The Real, Mowry-Housley revealed she and Keegan were briefly an item. "You guys want to know a fun fact?" She asked. "I actually dated Andrew Keegan for a little bit." The former Sister, Sister star went on to share that the two had even gone on a cruise together, and Keegan was nothing short of a gentleman.

4. Cameron Diaz and Robbie Williams

Cameron Diaz & Robbie Williams 

Back in 2003, Cameron Diaz and English singer-songwriter Robbie Williams had a brief — but steamy — romance. At one point, they were spotted strolling along the beach in Santa Monica, Calif., holding hands and sharing smooches. Later, Williams reportedly took Diaz on a go-kart date. The affair quickly fizzled, and Diaz began dating Justin Timberlake soon after. 

5. Elsa Pataky & Adrien Brody

Elsa Pataky & Adrien Brody

Sure, the Spanish beauty is now married to Chris Hemsworth and has three beautiful children with him. But before her Thor love affair, she was in a pretty serious relationship with Brody. One year for her birthday, the actor even bought her a castle!

6. Eva Mendes & Jason Sudeikis

Eva Mendes & Jason Sudeikis

Before kicking off her relationship with the gorgeous Ryan Gosling, Mendes dated funny man Sudeikis in 2011.

7. Penelope Cruz & Josh Hartnett

Penelope Cruz & Josh Hartnett

Hartnett and Cruz were quite the adorable pair once upon a time. The two briefly dated in 2007 and were even spotted displaying their affection while on a tour of New York hot spots that summer.

8. Charlie Sheen & Winona Ryder

Charlie Sheen & Winona Ryder

The year was 1986 when these two hooked up! The pair reportedly met on the set of their film Lucas and according to MSN, it was Sheen who convinced Ryder to use a stage name. And Winona Horowitz became Winona Ryder.

9. Olivier Martinez & Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley

Olivier Martinez & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

In 2009, the Spanish and French actor was busy romancing the model turned actress.

10. Jessica Alba & Mark Wahlberg

Jessica Alba & Mark Wahlberg

In 2003, Alba and Wahlberg were spotted together looking rather cozy in Miami Beach. "They were looking into each other's eyes," a witness told People at the time.

11. Cameron Diaz & Tyrese

Cameron Diaz & Tyrese

The Cuban American actress was spotted getting cozy with the Fast and Furious star back in 2007. According to People, the pair engaged in a full-on PDA display at their reserved table during a party, kissing and holding hands. This was a few short months after her relationship with Justin Timberlake ended.

12. Cameron Diaz & Jared Leto

Cameron Diaz & Jared Leto

Cuban-American hottie Cameron Diaz was in a low-profile relationship with The Dallas Buyers Club star in the late 90s and early 2000s. There are rumors that Diaz and Jared Leto were engaged, especially after she was spotted at the 2003 Golden Globes with a $15,000 ring of rose-cut diamonds. The couple allegedly dated for four years.

13. Surprising Couples: Bruno Mars and Rita Ora

Bruno Mars & Rita Ora

Before Bruno fell for the likes of the beautiful Jessica Caban, he was reportedly spending his days (2 years to be exact!) with Rita Ora. “It was love at first sight, such a great experience, Ora told The Sun in an 2012 interview. “We met in 2009. I was 18 and starting out at Roc Nation. Bruno was unknown back then too."

She continued, “Our time together was wonderful. But once we got famous, work got in the way. We ended it last year. But we remained close. And when we were together we were so happy.”

14. Wilmer Valderrama & Mandy Moore

Wilmer Valderrama & Mandy Moore

Kiss and tell? Wilmer Valderrama wanted the world to know he dated Mandy Moore. So much so, in fact, that he even dished to Howard Stern about Moore’s virginity. “The sex with Mandy was good,” he said. “But it wasn’t like warm apple pie.” To be fair, Valderrama deeply regretted what he said, telling BlogTalkRadio that he had learned (and matured!) a lot since he broke up with the actress. 

15. Couples You Never Knew: Fergie & Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez & Fergie: 

Qué?!  Mario Lopez’s first girlfriend was Fergie! The hunky television host posted this Throwback Thursday picture on his Twitter, shortly after a posting of snapshot of the two in the present day with the hashtag "#FirstGirlfriend."

Lopez admits that Fergie was even his first beso. “It’s a true story. I’m very proud of my first kiss,” Lopez told People, “She says there was no tongue! I wrote her a note and, as she likes to point out, I was very smooth at 10 because I bought her perfume. I think the gesture was pretty good for a kid.” 

16. Surprising Couples: Nicole Richie & Brody Jenner

Nicole Richie & Brody Jenner

Shortly before dating Joel Madden in 2006 and eventually marrying the Good Charlotte front-man, the father of her two children Sparrow and Harlow, Nicole Richie had a Kardashian connection. The Fashion Star was romantically linked to Kim’s step-brother, Brody Jenner, her childhood friend. Richie and Jenner dated briefly in 2006, with Lionel Richie saying the couple was “having a wonderful time.” But they called off their courtship a few minutes later, with Richie reportedly saying her “heart was never in it.”

17. Couples You Never Knew: Miley Cyrus, Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey & Miley Cyrus

Believe it or not, the Teen Wolf star and the "Wrecking Ball" singer were an item back in their elementary school days. "I worked on a TV show called 'Doc,' starring Billy Ray Cyrus, when I was nine-years-old," he told Seventeen. "His daughter, Miley Cyrus, was my first kiss and girlfriend. We dated for two years and broke up when we were 11."

18. Surprising Couples: Benicio del Toro & Alicia Silverstone

Benicio del Toro & Alicia Silverstone

Benicio del Toro
apparently has a thing for blondes. The Puerto Rican actor – who fathered Kimberly Stewart’s daughter Delilah, born on August 21, 2011, after a short-lived romance, briefly dated his Excess Baggage co-star Alicia Silverstone.

19. Surprising Couples: Jessica Alba & Michael Weatherly

Jessica Alba & Michael Weatherly

Jessica Alba shocked the world when she married fiancé Cash Warren in a super secret ceremony at the Beverly Hills Courthouse in 2008. But that wasn’t the Fantastic Four star’s first engagement. Back in January 2000, Alba started a controversial relationship with her co-star Michael Weatherly while filming her star-making Fox series Dark Angel. The couple dated for nearly four years; and the NCIS star even proposed to Alba. But in August 2003, Alba ended her relationship with the much-older Weatherly. “I don't know [why I got engaged]. I was a virgin. He was 12 years older than me. I thought he knew better,” said Alba in an interview. “My parents weren't happy. They're really religious. They believe God wouldn't allow the Bible to be written if it wasn't what they are supposed to believe. I'm completely different.”

20. Surprising Couples: Matt Dillon & Cameron Diaz

Matt Dillon & Cameron Diaz

Prior to filming There’s Something About Mary together, Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon had a real love connection. The pair dated for about three years, but called it quits after wrapping production on the hit comedy. In an interview with Parade magazine, Dillon opened up about his relationship with the Charlie’s Angels star. "I fell in love. It's a very powerful thing when you feel that way about somebody,” said Dillon. Cameron was a muse for me. I hadn't been in any deep emotional relationships."

21. Surprising Couples: Salma Hayek & Josh Lucas

Salma Hayek & Josh Lucas

Salma Hayek and Josh Lucas are both happily married to other people. But the Hollywood hotties dated for about 10 months back in 2003-2004. In an interview with GQ.com, the Sweet Home Alabama leading man opened up about their breakup, saying: “In this business, people are very dedicated to what they do. It's violently competitive, and it's much tougher on women. And women of a certain age oftentimes feel they need to stay on the treadmill—the figurative treadmill. If both people are working, it's a problem,” said Lucas of his former love. “In the case of Salma and I, she was in South Africa doing a movie and I was in Australia making Stealth, and with the time that we spent apart, invariably we broke up.”

22. Surprising Couples: Victoria Justice & Josh Hutcherson

Victoria Justice & Josh Hutcherson

Victoria Justice knew Josh Hutcherson when... The Nickelodeon star dated Hutcherson before he starred in the blockbuster hit The Hunger Games, a film that helped raise his stock in Hollywood. Justice and Hutcherson reportedly started dating in 2009; and the couple attended numerous events together, including the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, before ending their romance about a year later.

23. Surprising Couples: Camilla Belle & Topher Grace

Camilla Belle & Topher Grace

“Summer lovin’ had me a blast, summer lovin’ happened so fast.” The lyrics to the Grease tune tell the story of Camilla Belle and Topher Grace brief 2010 romance. The From Prada to Nada starlet and the former That '70s Show star were photographed on what looked like a cute date at the Brentwood Country Mart in Santa Monica. But Belle and Grace’s romance must have fizzled as quickly as it started, because the pair were never spotted together again after that August day.

24. Surprising Couples: Christina Aguilera & Carson Daly

Christina Aguilera & Carson Daly

Christina Aguilera has had a professional relationship with Carson Daly during her time as a mentor on The Voice. But the Grammy-winning singer and the former MTV TRL host reportedly had a more personal relationship in 2002, the pair allegedly dated. Eminem even rapped some of the intimate details of their supposed romance in his song “The Real Slim Shady,” which Aguilera did not appreciate. “It's disgusting, it's offensive and, above all, it's not true," a rep for the “Your Body” singer told the New York Daily News at the time.

25. Surprising Couples: Enrique Iglesias & Jennifer Love Hewitt

Enrique Iglesias & Jennifer Love Hewitt

John Mayer, who supposedly penned “Your Body is a Wonderland" as an ode to Jennifer Love Hewitt, isn’t the only musician to have dated the Party of Five actress. Enrique Iglesias and Hewitt dated for about eight months after The Client List star appeared in the music video for his hot single “Hero.”

26. Surprising Couples: Mariah Carey & Luis Miguel

Mariah Carey & Luis Miguel

American Idol judge Mariah Carey once dated a real-life Mexican idol... Luis Miguel. The singer, known as “El Sol de México,” began courting Carey in 1998. Luismi, who dated the Grammy-winning singer for about two-and-a-half years, even gave her a $1.42 million diamond bracelet to celebrate the completion of her work on the movie Wise Girls, according to People magazine. But their romance fizzled just months before Carey’s infamous “breakdown” in 2001.

27. Surprising Couples: Rosario Dawson & Joshua Jackson

Rosario Dawson & Joshua Jackson

Call it a “Sundance romance!” Back in 2002, Rosario Dawson and former Dawson’s Creek star Joshua Jackson initiated a romance after meeting during the Sundance Film Festival. Their courtship lasted about a year.

28. Surprising Couples: Jordana Brewster & Mark Wahlberg

Jordana Brewster & Mark Wahlberg

Dallas star Jordana Brewster began dating Mark Wahlberg in 2000, a romance they kept on the down low the entire two years the couple spent together. "Well, we just know where not to go, especially in L.A. If you want to get attention, you know where to go. And if you don't, you go to more subdued places," Brewster told Movieline about their low-key liaison. But the couple would eventually call it quits due to their different upbringings. "There's nothing wrong with being privileged, but it reminds me of how hard I've had to work to get where I have," Wahlberg, who grew up in a low income community in Boston, told Vanity Fair. "I have a hard time hearing about living on Fifth Ave. and having housekeepers and going to Yale."

29. Surprising Couples: Naya Rivera & Mark Salling

Naya Rivera & Mark Salling

Naya Rivera wasn’t just dating Mark Salling on screen during the first season of Glee. The half-Puerto Rican actress/singer admitted to having a short-lived courtship with Salling off screen in early 2010. "Mark and I were never like a serious thing ... I still consider him one of my best friends," she told television host Wendy Williams during a 2011 interview on her daytime talk show. "He's like the sweetest guy. I mean, put your hand up if you wouldn't smooch that mug."

30. Surprising Couples: Demi Lovato & Trace Cyrus

Demi Lovato & Trace Cyrus

Former Sonny with a Chance star Demi Lovato once gave love a chance in2009 with former Metro Station lead singer Trace Cyrus, Miley’s older brother. The “Give Your Heart a Break” singer was 16, while Cyrus was 20. “It's something I really wanted to make work. But unfortunately, we both have very busy schedules – we're both on tour right now," Cyrus told People in an interview about their short-lived courtship. "I'm always on the other side of the world and so is she, so it just seemed like something that can't work out at this time."

31. Surprising Couples: Sofia Vergara & Tom Cruise

Sofia Vergara & Tom Cruise

Penelope Cruz isn’t the only Latina to have dated Tom Cruise... In 2005, Sofia Vergara reportedly went out with the Mission: Impossible star, with photos of the Modern Family star and Cruise dining together at a Studio City, California restaurant surfacing all over the internet. Neither of the two has never really talked about their relationship. 

32. Surprising Couples: Jennifer Lopez & Wesley Snipes

Jennifer Lopez & Wesley Snipes

From Diddy and Ben Affleck to Marc Anthony and Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez’s love life has been fodder for gossip sites and entertainment magazines for years. But before la Lopez reached international superstar status, the Puerto Rican singer/actress reportedly got close to her Money Train co-star Wesley Snipes during filming of the 1995 comedy thriller.

33. Surprising Couples: Wilmer Valderrama & Avril Lavigne

Wilmer Valderrama & Avril Lavigne

Following the end of her marriage to Dereck Whibley in 2009, “Complicated” singer Avril Lavigne reportedly went on the rebound with Wilmer Valderrama. “They have been friends since working together on Fast Food Nation in 2005, but things heated up last month,” a source told Life & Style. “One of their first dates was Oct. 29 at Nobu in West Hollywood.” Following several dates to L.A. clubs, the couple’s romance came to a close after about three months. 

34. Surprising Couples: Penelope Cruz & Tom Cruise

Penelope Cruz & Tom Cruise

Talk about love in Cruise control. Penelope Cruz met Tom Cruise when they worked together on Cameron Crowe's 2000 film Vanilla Sky, but the Spanish actress didn’t get romantical with the Mission: Impossible star until after his divorce from Nicole Kidman. The couple dated for three years, and even talked about tying the knot. “Tom had absolutely planned on proposing to Penelope, and they had openly discussed marriage during the three years they were dating,” a source told RadarOnline.com. “Tom was head over heels in love with Penelope and could see them spending the rest of their lives together, and she felt the same way.” But Cruz reportedly ended the relationship in 2004 over Cruise’s involvement with the Church of Scientology. “Penelope doesn’t have anything against the Church, but it just wasn’t her thing,” said the RadarOnline.com source. “She admired Tom’s dedication to it, but it wasn’t her cup of tea and wasn’t something she wanted to give her life up for.

35. Surprising Couples: Eva Longoria, J.C. Chasez

Eva Longoria & J.C. Chasez

Following her two-year marriage to General Hospital star Tyler Christopher in 2004, Eva Longoria had “More Than a Feeling” for 'N Sync member JC Chasez. The former Desperate Housewives star briefly rebounded with Chasez that same year, reportedly inspiring some of the ballads he sand on his solo album.

36. Surprising Couples: Meagan Good & Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Meagan Good & Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Meagan Good, currently starring in NBC’s Deception, has a Dark Knight skeleton in her closet. In 2004, the part-Puerto Rican actress reportedly dated The Dark Knight Rises star Joseph Gordon-Levitt after co-starring in the neo-noir thriller film Brick. Good – who married DeVon Franklin, an executive for Columbia Pictures and preacher – dated Gordon-Levitt for six months.

37. Surprising Couples: Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Mark Sanchez

Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Mark Sanchez

The Soprano’s star Jamie-Lyn Sigler recently announced her engagement to baseball pro Cutter Dykstra, the father of her soon-to-be-born first child. But the half-Cuban actress was linked to another ‘baller of sorts in 2010. Sigler briefly dated New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez; they even took their relationship public by walking the red carpet at the 2010 Tony Awards. But Sigler and Sanchez called it quits shortly after that appearance. “They split because they were both just heading in very different directions,” a source told Life & Style magazine. “He's 23 and wants to have fun and win football games. She's 29 and wants to date a nice, honest guy. I think he was a little young for her."

38. Surprising Couples: Tony Romo & Carrie Underwood

Tony Romo & Carrie Underwood

Tony Romo is currently married to former Miss Missouri Candace Crawford, the sister of Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford. But the Dallas Cowboys quarterback previously canoodled with anotherAll-American Girl.” Romo briefly dated country superstar Carrie Underwood back in 2006/2007, before his high-profile relationship with Jessica Simpson. “"Point blank, [Romo] is about football," Underwood told Esquire about their breakup. "I don't know if it's that I'm not quite his type or whatever, but I don't think he's at the point in his life where he would be willing to sacrifice football.”

39. Surprising Couples: Fergie & Justin Timberlake

Fergie & Justin Timberlake

Talk about a May-December romance. Back in 1996, Fergie was romantically linked to Justin Timberlake; she was 23, he was only 16. The part-Mexican Black Eyed Peas singer, who was a member of Wild Orchid at the time “My friends made fun of me and gave me the nickname Stella, from the movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back, about a woman who dates this younger guy,” said Fergie of her brief romance with the 'N Sync  singer. “I almost didn’t go out with him because he was so young, but he was always trying to convince me he was so mature. And he was. But one of the reasons we got along was because we both loved hip-hop and used to talk about the Black Eyed Peas and how amazing they were.”

40. Surprising Couples: Selena Gomez & Taylor Lautner

Selena Gomez & Taylor Lautner

Before dating the Biebs, Selena Gomez dated another teen superstar... Taylor Lautner. The Wizards of Waverly Place star reportedly had a brief courtship with the Twilight star while the pair filmed movies in Vancouver, Canada at the same time. Gomez was filming Beezus and Ramona; Lautner was working on The Twilight Saga: New Moon