Step Aside, Tony: Eva Longoria Parker is on Team Mario

Eva Longoria Parker may stand by her man Tony Parker when it comes to things like salacious rumors and paparazzi attacks, but when video games are involved, she's strictly Team Mario—Lopez, that is.

The couple walked the red carpet in solidarity on Friday for the launch of EA Sports' video game NBA Live 09 at Eva's restaurant Beso, but once inside, it was every man (and woman) for himself.

Eva and Mario teamed up against Tony and Eva's Desperate Housewives co-star Nicolette Sheridan for a sprited game. From the looks of it, those rumors of Eva and Mario's love connection have been greatly exaggerated. Either that, or Tony's too busy playing with his own joystick to notice.

No word on who one the showdown, but our money is on the San Antonio Spurs point guard and NBA Finals MVP Tony Parker. Now, if this was a shirts-off contest, we may have reconsidered our loyalties.