Star Tracker Shakira, Michelle Rodriguez, Pitbull and More …

-Shakira sort of confirmed to Luz, an Argentine magazine that her and Gerard Piqué are dating.  This week, Europa Press reported that Shakira may already be living with Pique in his luxury home in Barcelona. One of Pique’s teammates, Xavi Hernández told Luz that Shakira has been having renovations done to an apartment the two purchased in the city and is temporarily living in the athlete’s house. Sounds pretty official to us!

-When it comes to Michelle Rodriguez, one thing for sure, she’s not afraid to talk to the press! TMZ and their camera crew followed Rodriguez on Oscar night with a red light and the actress spoke about a range of random topics from feminism, to the age of the matriarch, to unconditional love. Yes, we’re just as confused as you are!

-Without a Trace vet, Enrique Murciano will soon be joining the cast of NCIS as Ziva’s (Cote de Pablo) new love interest. Murciano will be playing CIA agent Ray Cruz, who exec producer Gary Glasberg claims will be, a “fun, smart, exciting addition.”

-We were all shocked when Chris Medina was voted off American Idol last week, but what surprised us most was Medina’s humble reaction. The singer gives his fiancée, Juliana Ramos all the credit for his strength and positive attitude, telling MTV News “If there’s anything I learned from my situation with my fiancée it’s don’t expect that things are going to happen. Just enjoy what is happening, and always do your best. And I did that on Idol, so I’m OK with it."