Star Tracker: Shakira, Alexa Vega, Antonio Banderas & More!

Shakira recently posted a video on her YouTube channel having fun playing golf in Mexico, hitting a few holes in one, and even giving lessons to friends. Of course, there were also shots of the Colombian singer goofing off and being silly.

Original Spy Kid Alexa Vega loves director Robert Rodriguez so much, he even walked her down the aisle at her wedding! So it’s no surprise that she said she would keep doing Spy Kids movies as long as Rodriguez wanted to make them.

Dexter and True Blood star Courtney Ford is heading to CSI: NY as a guest star. She’ll play a car thief with specific stealing standards on the third episode of the series’ seventh season.

Antonio Banderas and wife Melanie Griffith celebrated their respective birthdays in Marabella, Spain this past weekend. Griffith turned 54 and Banderas turned 51 today.

All we have to say is: Ewww gross! An artist by the name of Daniel Edwards has created a bronze sculpture of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber literally attached at the hip, and in the nude!