Star Tracker: Rosie Perez, Lorenzo Lamas and Poncho Herrera!

-Rosie Perez is suing Law & Order: SVU. The Puerto Rican worked on the show in September playing the mother of an abused child and claims she had suffered serious neck injuries while she was filming. She is suing the production company for negligence. Perez claims that while she was working on the series she was injured after an actor grabbed her during a scene. The 46-year-old actress’s suit against Northern Entertainment Productions and DDF accuses the production companies behind the series of “recklessly and carelessly failing to utilize skilled performers or experience stunt personnel.” The actress had a bone marrow surgery to fix her neck and has endured so much pain she had to attend a white house meeting in a wheelchair.

-Lorenzo Lamas is seeking full custody of his three daughters. The actor/reality star discovered that his former wife, Shauna Sand Lamas was arrested for domestic violence towards her now husband, Laurent Homburger. Police found Homburger with scars and visible injuries when they arrived to Sand’s home last night at around 11:45PM. Lamas said, “I am concerned for the welfare of my children. I will not allow them back in that household until Shauna and her husband receive anger management treatment.”

-ESPN Deportes recently revealed (ESPN’s cable television network targeted towards the Spanish speaking community) that they are launching new initiatives including a Spanish-language version of E:60, scripted series and more HD content. The first original series will be, “El Diez,” a show about a professional soccer player that arrives in Mexico City trying to become a star athlete. Starring RBD’s Alfonso “Poncho” Herrera as Chava Espinosa (the protagonist), the series is set to premiere fall of 2011 in HD.