Star Tracker: Michelle Rodriguez, Odette Yustman, Enrique Murciano and more...

—   Michelle Rodriguez is hopeful James Cameron will cast her in 2014’s Avatar 2, which will be set underwater. The Battle: Los Angeles star told to the Associated Press that even though she has not been approached to reprise her role as combat pilot Trudy Chacon, she wants to at least watch the filming process.

—   Brothers and Sisters costars Dave Annable and Odette Yustman are looking forward to having a big family. The couple, who married last October, gushed about their two or three future children at Elton John’s Academy Awards viewing party. "Family is No. 1 for us. Dave is a little more ready than I am right now, but [in] a couple years,” said Yustman.

—   During an interview for his syndicated morning show, Ryan Seacrest surprised former American Idol contestant Chris Medina with $35,000 donation for the foundation that is helping her girlfriend recover from car accident. To top it off, Take Me Home Tonight star, Topher Grace, interrupted the interview to commit another $35,000 on the spot.

—   Without a Trace alum Enrique Murciano has a full plate as he juggles two CBS shows. The actor was just cast to play Minnie Driver's high school boyfriend in the pilot show Hail Mary. The news comes days after the announcement that he will also play Ziva’s boyfriend in one of the network’s leading shows NCIS