Star Tracker: Kate del Castillo, Eva Longoria, Christina Aguilera and more

Kate del Castillo is a super hot commodity now that her Telemundo telenovela La Reina del Sur has totally exploded in the ratings race. Rumor has it that rival network Univision has offered the Mexican actress a contract in the millions to star in their own telenovela.

—Even Rosario Dawson feels a ton of pressure to look her best at the Cannes Film Festival, telling MTV news, “You’re always a model there.” We dont think she has to worry too much, she's been working it!

Eva Longoria wants all of us to welcome her boyfriend Eduardo Cruz (of Penelope Cruz's famous familia) to Twitter. In the celeb world, Twitter love is akin to a pre-engagement ring so we know these two must be getting serious!

Christina Aguilera may have thought that she would find herself as the answer to trvia questions thanks to her recent, and now infamous Super Bowl flub, but she managed to make it onto a few Trivial Pursuit questions based on merit alone!