Star Tracker: Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Daddy Yankee and more

Christina Aguilera is a gamer? The Voice judge says she loves to play arcade games and board games and is a proud owner of a Nintendo DS. Wonder if she plays little Max?

Daddy Yankee’s hit “Rompe” has landed the singer in a legal battle with a songwriter who claims the music portion of the song is his. David Moser is seeking a large sum in damages in this copyright suit. Doesn't this seem like 6 years too late?

Ojani Noa, Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband, is shopping around his home videos featuring Lopez that reportedly, don’t have any sex in them, but show the singer in compromising light. The bids from various unsavory sites are already sky-rocketing while our respect for La Lopez's ex-husband plummets. Que asqueroso.

Tony Romo and Candice Crawford got hitched last weekend and guests were appalled by the registry. The couple registered at Crate and Barrel and a few hundred more at Macy’s, which wasn't the problem. They were more perturbed that a multi-millionaire like Tony Romo would ask for $6 French fry holders and $12 gravy boats as if he can't afford them on his own!

Shakira is really diversifying her real estate. Yesterday, we told you that she’s shopping around with her new beau Gerard Pique for a new home in Malaga, Spain. But it turns out, she still owns a home or two with her old flame Antonio de la Rua! This seems like there may be some awkward business interactions in the near future.