Star Tracker: Gisele Bundchen, Cameron Diaz and Shakira

— Gisele Bundchen is a model citizen! On Friday, the Brazilian model attended the Global Enviornment Citizen Awards where she was honored for her contributions to environmental conservation and sustainable living. Then on Monday, Gisele and husband, Tom Brady, attended the 2011 Robin Hood Foundation Annual Gala at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. The event raised more than $47 million to benefit programs used to target poverty in NYC!

— A bunch of media experts and mental health professionals believe Cameron Diaz wants her boyfriend A-Rod to believe she doesn’t believe in marriage, when in reality, she does believe in it. Can you believe that?

Shakira and the hotness that is Gerard Pique were recently spotted in Italy. We could tell you more, but we know all you want to see is this picture of the hot couple making out. How do you say 'totally hot' in Italian?