Star Tracker: Enrique Iglesias, Jencarlos Canela and Paulina Rubio

—   For the first time in his career, Enrique Iglesias has a #1 hit on Billboard’s U.S. Top 40 chart for his catchy song "Tonight." The singer has also broken record with a 23rd #1 song on the Dance chart, beating Michael Jackson and Prince for the most hits. He must really feel Euphoria now!

—   Singer Jencarlos Canela opens up about being the first Telemundo star to receive an award from Univison’s Premios Lo Nuestro. “I only respond to Telemundo when it’s about novelas, in regards to music or movies they have nothing to do with it; that’s mine,” he told Celestrellas.  

—   Unlike most Hollywood celebrities, Mexico’s Golden Girl Paulina Rubio is having a difficult time losing her pregnancy weight. Just four months after giving birth to son Andrea Nicolás, TV y Novelas reports that she may be suffering from post-partum depression exaggerated by the recent loss of her father. Or maybe she's just hungry? Geesh.