Star Tracker: Demi Lovato, Taio Cruz, Lana Parrilla, and more!

— What does part-Mexican singer/actress Demi Lovato have up her sleeve for Halloween today? Not much. “I think I'm going to dress up, but I think I'm just going to pass out candy,” the 19-year-old told MTV in a recent interview. As for her costume, Lovato revealed that she may dress up as a pirate or the singer Ke$sha. “Two similar options,” Lovato said jokingly, “they're one in the same.”

— Mexican singer/actress Anahí was crowned most influential personality in social media at a recent Social Media Awards, according to People en Español. The 28-year-old beat out our cover girl Ana de la Reguera and others for the title – the event was organized by a Mexican company named red10. “I know that this was from voting and voting,” Anahí said of her win. “I know that my fans had a lot to do with it and I appreciate it very much.”

— Cuban American actor Eddie Cibrian and his wife LeAnn Rimes were spotted with his two sons at a zoo in Los Angeles yesterday, Just Jared reports. The 38-year-old actor looked happy as he held his youngest son. Rimes took to Twitter immediately after their family day to share with her followers: “We just had the most wonderful and HOT time at ‘Boo At The Zoo,” she wrote.

Cameron Diaz reportedly switched careers for Halloween. According to Just Jared, the 39-year-old actress dressed as a stripper for a party by developer Michael Meldman this past Friday. Diaz reportedly had dollar bills hanging from her costume’s waistline and was even escorted by a friend dressed in an orange jumpsuit at the end of the night – who then gave the superstar actress a good night kiss.

Boricua actress Lana Parrilla spoke to The Hollywood Reporter recently about her role in ABC’s Once Upon a Time. “They’re being very private with everything and I think it’s smart of them to do that,” she said. The 34-year-old actress added that producers were quiet about Lost as well – and she said she understood why. “We want to keep this show as secret as possible,” she said, “not wanting to spoil anything.”

— Though half-Brazilian singer Taio Cruz doesn’t drink, he did share one of his craziest party moments to MTV recently. “I have had the odd occasion where it's gotten a bit crazy, and it's always in Ibiza, [Spain]. For me, I think my craziest moment was in Ibiza at a bar with a couple girls on me, piggybacked whilst behind the bar making drinks,” the 28-year-old cutie said. “I remember that was a bit of a crazy evening.”

— In other Taio Cruz news, the pop star has recently been romantically linked to British singer Cheryl Cole, Tr3s reports. According to the Daily Mail, the British compatriots have been “extra cozy” in the studio. The two are reportedly working on the final touches of Cruz’s upcoming album. 

— Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen is one caliente mami! The 31-year-old was photographed recently at a Caribbean beach with her son Benjamin – and she looked amazing in a small pink string bikini. She has it going on. Check out the photo here.