Star Tracker: Antonio Banderas, Selena Gomez & Jennifer Lopez

—Antonio Banderas has signed up for a new film called He Loves Me in which he will play Annette Benning's love interest. The light-hearted indie (from the directors of Little Miss Sunshine) is a change of pace for the Spanish actor who has played an animated cat in Puss in Boots and a disturbed plastic surgeon in his latest Almodovar film.

Selena Gomez is on a roll! Her popularity on Facebook has surpassed Barack Obama with 22.5 million fans.

In the new X Factor preview, Simon Cowell plays off numerous elements of his previous talent competition gig on American Idol. Watch the video here. Can you spot where Cowell’s jokes target Jennifer Lopez?

David Gallagher just landed a role on The CW series Vampire Diaries. Look out for him playing a vampire in the first two episodes of the upcoming season.