The 5 Stages of Grief Every Woman Went Through After Seeing J.Lo at the AMAs

Time and time again, J.Lo has proven that she just doesn't age. Like, at all. The 45-year-old goddess confidently sported a Reem Acra wrap dress at the 2014 American Music Awards on Sunday night, and then quickly changed into an eyecatching, booty-showing ensemble that had us praying to the metabolism gods and regrettin that pint of Ben & Jerry's. Here are the 5 stages of grieving every girl definitely experienced after seeing Lopez’s slim bod and rock hard abs.

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1. 1. Denial

At first glance, we can’t help but deny that this is even real. Us chicas can only hope that JLo’s body is the work of plastic surgery, photoshop, or airbrushing. 

2. 2. Anger

Next, the anger sets in — the pain, the anguish and the despair knowing that Jennifer actually has to work for this body, and that she’s focused enough to do so. 

3. 3. Bargaining

We even wanted to bargain (with God, the world, nature, etc.) to give us the same figure: “If I promise to go to the gym today, will you grant me those killer arms?” We’ll keep dreaming. 

4. 4. Depression

When we realize that those abs aren't happening on this body anytime soon, we resort back to our feelings, and maybe a pint of ice cream, to cope.

5. 5. Acceptance

Lastly, we accept the reality that Jennifer will always look like that because she has the genes, willpower and training to do so.  Although we’ll never fully understand the wonder that is her body, each passing day will get easier, and we’ll eventually gain some self-worth back.  Hopefully.