Spoiler Alert! Cote de Pablo Dishes on the New Season of 'NCIS'

Chilean actress Cote de Pablo (one of our favorite Latinas!), plays fan favorite Ziva David on TV's #1 drama, NCIS. The gorgeous actress chatted live with our Facebook fans last night and revealed some juicy spoilers about the show's new season (premiering tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS). 

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Cote revealed that Ziva may be getting a female mentor this season. "I think they may be bringing some sort of aunt or somebody that Ziva confides in for issues and problems," Cote said. "And they want to make her a female figure."

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When one of our readers asked Cote if we'll be seeing the Ziva/Abby "undercover story idea" in the new season, Cote said there was reason to be optimistic, "I'm not giving up on that," she said. "I think it's going to happen, especially if you keep asking that question."

Cote was also asked what she'd like to see happen between Ziva and Tony (Michael Weatherly) on the new season. "Michael and I would like to be in a place like the episode "Boxed In," she said. "Making promises about these characters getting together is always a hard thing because I have no idea where they will take it."

When another reader asked Cote: "If you could have one thing happen with Ziva, what would it be?" Cote replied, "To meet my mother!"

Cote said if she were asked to write an episode of NCIS, it would feature "lots of action! Where Ziva gets to kick some butt and possibly lots of sexual tension-- kind of like a Mr and Mrs Smith episode," she says. "I'm in an Angelina Jolie kick!"