Spanglish Word of the Week: "Cojelo Con Take It Easy"

Last week we polled our faithful Facebook followers to find out what some of your favorite Spanglish words and phrases are for a new series we're going to be working on every week. Check in every Monday for a new Spanglish word, Spanish phrase, special dicho and funny idiosyncrasies we find living la vida Latina here in the United States. We'll be asking for your input every week too, so be sure to share your funny stories, misunderstandings and invented words with us on our Latina magazine Facebook page!

This week we start off with a super popular Spanglish phrase: "Cojelo con take it easy"

This was the most popular Spanglish phrase suggested last week and it basically means: "Chill out" but with a ton more flourish.

Here how you could use it in every day conversation:

Millie: "Oh my god, I'm totally freaking out about my date with Alejandro tonight! What should I wear? How should I do my hair? What if I'm late? Ahhhhh!"

Vanessa: "Whoa, chica. Cojelo con take it easy, OK? Deep breaths. He just a guy."

See how easily that whole situation was difused? Try to incorporate this handy phrase into your every day life and learn for yourself how effective Spanglish can really be!

Check in next week for an all new phrase or word...