Sofia Vergara Takes Golden Globes Loss in Stride

Sofia Vergara seems to be just fine with the fact that she lost (for the second year in a row) to Glee's Jane Lynch for the Best Supporting Actress in a TV comedy category at the 2011 Golden Globe awards. The Modern Family actress took to her Twitter account to say: "I don't care!!! I already have my Golden Globes!!!!!!!!hahhahha"

Truer words have rarely been spoken Sofia! Besides, our favorite Colombian comedienne also has to look forward to the fact that now that she's squeezed into her stunning dress (check out the video below for a 360° view of her red-hot Vera Wang gown), she can stuff her face!

“I haven’t eaten in like two weeks. So, after today I’m going to go crazy,” Vergara told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush on the Globes’ red carpet last night. “Tomorrow [I’ll] make banana pancakes and then like pasta with truffles. I mean I’m going to do it all tomorrow,” she laughed. Can we come over for dinner?

We love Sofia's attitude and for that, she's a winner in our book no matter who takes home the Hollywood awards!