Sofia Vergara Slams Back at News Site Claiming She's Endorsing Donald Trump

Sofia Vergara Slams Back at News Site Claiming She's Endorsing Donald Trump
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Sofia Vergara is not happy with The Journal Daily, a webloid that recently reported that the colombiana endorsed controversial Republican candidate Donald Trump for president – a claim that is, of course, false.

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"Stupid fake journal. Never again use my name to invent stupid fake news," Vergara tweeted on Saturday. The actress’ anger was evident, considering she doesn’t post to her social media accounts as often as other high-profile celebs.



Her rage is sensible, too. The Journal Daily started its report explaining how the GOP frontrunner has offended the Latino community "with comments such as ‘[Mexico is] sending people that have lots of problems … They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists.'” It then goes on to share that a CNN poll concluded that “82 percent of Hispanics view Trump unfavorably,” but Vergara “belongs to the 18 percent who don’t mind Trump’s recent comments” and has even gone on “to endorse him.”

The Journal Daily didn’t stop there, either. They allege that during an episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Vergara told the host that she likes “what he has to say about this country,” adding that “[Trump] is like some of this country’s best leaders, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington … “

The news site also made up quotes from the presidential candidate. The Journal Daily reports that Trump was triumphant after he heard about the endorsement,” saying that her approval "proves how much the Hispanic community really supports me.” In the fake quote, Trump also says that the Modern Family star is "a very beautiful woman" who can "reach out to [him] if she's ever interested in the [Miss Universe] competition."

The Trump campaign said the real estate mogul never made these remarks.

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Here’s hoping no one actually believes this bull. Stay up, Sofia.