This is How Sofia Vergara Got Comfortable In Her Skin—And You Can Too

Instagram/Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is winning at love, life, and career, so it’s hard to imagine the Modern Family star as less than confident and comfy cozy in her beautiful skin. But this gorgeous actress is just like us.

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In a recent interview with InStyle mag, the 45-year-old revealed her secret to being capital C (confident). It wasn’t until the CoverGirl landed the Emmy-award winning Modern Family that she felt able to explore her other interests.

She told InStyle: “I was always a little confident, but it wasn't until I began finding success as an actress that I truly became comfortable. Being on a hit show opened the door to so much opportunity and allowed me to pursue passions outside of acting. I was able to have clothing lines, be the face of CoverGirl, and create three perfumes… I think that’s what has made me feel the most confident: succeeding in business.”

And she recently co-founded EBY, a subscription-based underwear line, which means Empowered by You. This ambitious colombiana knows that women love a good subscription box, but Vergara's box pushed the game up a notch by ensuring that 10 percent of the sales fund microfinance loans for women. Vergara’s latest venture helps other mujers achieve success in business so they can feel confident and comfortable in their skin too.

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Ladies, get your business plans together! 

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