Sofia Vergara to Ojani Noa: "Leave Jennifer Alone!"

Ojani Noa tried to drag Sofia Vergara into his battle with ex-wife Jennifer Lopez but the Colombian actress is not having it. At all. 

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Noa claimed in an exclusive interview with Mexican television show ‘Ventaneando’ that Lopez unfaithful during their less than year-long marriage back in 1997 and that he found out because he received a call from Vergara, who informed him that Lopez was cheating with Chris Paciello (Vergara’s boyfriend at the time).  Are you still following? We know this is super confusing! Noa added that he didn’t want to do anything until he “caught” Lopez and Paciello “in the act.”

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But in an interview with Escándalo TV, Vergara 100% denied Noa’s claims and said she doesn’t even know him! “Leave Jennifer alone! what more could you want from the woman?!” she exclaimed.  Vergara added that she doesn’t support anything that Noa has claimed about Lopez.

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Noa has spurred headlines in recent months over reportedly intimate home videos of the Puerto Rican actress and wife of salsa artist Marc Anthony.