Months Later, Sofia Vergara & Nick Loeb's Frozen Embryo Battle Continues to Rage On

Sofia Vergara & Nick Loeb's Frozen Embryo Battle Continues – Here's What's to Come
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Nick Loeb is the ex that just won't seem to go away.

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It’s been almost four months since we last heard of his ongoing legal battle with Sofia Vergara, but the businessman is speaking out once again to explain the case’s future status.

Fox News Latino reports that Loeb appeared on Access Hollywood this week, where he offered an update on the ongoing case involving frozen embryos with his ex Sofia Vergara.

“We’ve been through the depositions and now we are waiting for a court date to be set, it should be sometime this summer,” Loeb said. The actor is also asked what the biggest misconception is surrounding the case, hinting that many think he “wants” Vergara’s baby.

“I think the misconception is that people don’t know the different between an embryo and an egg. A lot of people think I’m trying to steal her eggs and they don’t realize that an embryo is half mine – half my DNA and half her DNA. It’s actually a human being,” he explained.

The hosts also asked if he’s dating anyone, who might be uncomfortable with this ongoing case, to which Loeb explains there’s no one special in his life at the moment.

The battle began in May of 2014, when the couple ended their relationship, after they created several frozen embryos together and signed an agreement stating that “mutual consent” would be needed to bring them to term. Loeb filed suit in August of 2015, believing that he had access to the embryos despite having Vergara’s consent. A few months later, Loeb made the suit even more public by writing an op-ed for The New York Times, where he suggested that Vergara’s stance to keep the embryos frozen was “tantamount to killing them.”

Vergara, who has since happily moved on to husband Joe Manganiello, responded numerous times, explaining that she didn’t give consent and that Loeb was trying to use the suit as an opportunity to “promote himself.”

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Watch Loeb's full interview below: