Daily Chisme: Sofia Vergara and Fiance Get in New Year's Eve Club Brawl and More!

Good morning chisme lovers! Find out what we are buzzing about below:

- There’s nothing like ringing in the New Year with a little drama! Sofia Vergara and fiancé Nick Loeb welcomed 2013 by getting in a Miami club brawl, reports The New York Post’s Page Six. The engaged couple attended a party hosted by the Colombian star’s ex-boyfriend Chris Paciello, who she dated back in the 1990s. During the festivities, Nick allegedly was jealous around Chris and got into a spat with some club goers as the evening progressed.

A witness revealed to the publication, “Nick seemed tense around Chris, who was hosting them in the VIP section, even though he and Sofia are just friends. In the early hours, Nick and Sofia were arguing before he got into a dispute with somebody at a neighboring table. Some pushing and shoving started.”

Sofia ended up getting pushed and her dress was ripped, exposing her cleavage in front of guests. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Nick was kicked out of the VIP section by security guards and Sofia followed him out. The two made up in front of the club.

This kind of sounds like an episode of the Jersey Shore! Sammy and Ron can probably relate to this one. What do you think about their New Year’s Eve drama?

- Adamari Lopez plans on writing an autobiography dishing about her separation from ex-husband Luis Fonsi and her battle with cancer. Sounds like a must-read already!

- Apparently J.Lo’s famous assets are among the most popular requests when it comes to plastic surgery in South Africa. According to CNN, many foreigners travel to the country to get their nip and tuck for a discounted price tag. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Chetan Patel says she gets many patients asking for “Jennifer Lopez’s butt.” If you see more J.Lo’s on the block, now you know why…