Sofia Vergara is the New Face of Diet Pepsi

Sofia Vergara is lending her famous curves to Diet Pepsi! This isn’t Vergara’s first time endorsing a Pepsi product. In 1996, when she was just 17 years old, she wore a skimpy bikini to star in a TV ad for Pepsi.

"I'm excited to still be part of the Pepsi family after 20 years as the new face of Diet Pepsi. Pepsi launched my career at an early age and I absolutely love the taste and sleek new look of Diet Pepsi's Skinny can," said Vergara of the new ad campaign. 

Diet Pepsi released the following statement about choosing Sofia as the new face of their product. "Diet Pepsi is thrilled to work with Sofia Vergara as we launch our sleek new Diet Pepsi can. Sofia's style and personality are the perfect complement to the can's innovative design."

The famous Colombiana has admitted that despite her worked out body, she's not crazy about exercise. “I do it because of my health and because I think I need to now that I'm aging," Vergara told  

Vergara explained that she stick to the old adage: "Everything in Moderation."

“I have a sweet tooth, so I have to control that," says Vergara. "But on weekends, I eat whatever I want.”

The new Diet Pepsi Skinny Can hits stores in March.