EXCLUSIVE: Sofia Vergara Dishes on Modern Family's New Season, Emmy Wardrobe Malfunction & More!

Hot off her show's big win and a fashion win in a mermaid dress on the Emmy's red carpet, it's yet another huge day for Colombian actress Sofia Vergara: Season 4 of her hit show Modern Family premieres tonight (9/8C on ABC) and Sofia also celebrated the launch of her new Kmart lifestyle collection, Sofia by Sofia Vergara, at the Standard Hotel in New York City today.

We already know Sofia thinks her Modern Family character Gloria would wear her Kmart clothes, but what else did she have to say about the latest season and the new line? Latina.com got the exclusive with TV's highest earning actress!

Today you're celebrating your new line at Kmart. What was the inspiration behind the brand?

"I always wanted to do something in fashion — even when I was in the Latin market all the girls, all my fans always would ask me Where did you get this from? How did you wear this with that? I also always wanted to have a way of income that didn't involve me being in front of the camera, because sometimes you feel sick [of it]. I wanted to be ready, to be able to support my family and my son with another source of income and I wanted to do something that was related with business. Kmart was the best partner I could find because they allowed me to be very, very involved with the whole line."

Kmart is obviously known for their affordable fashion. What's your best deal - or your craziest splurge?

"I've always said that I spend a lot of money on handbags and shoes but I can wear $10 t-shirts and jeans. I think it's a matter of having good taste, mixing, and playing with [your wardrobe]. I wanted to create the line so that you don't need millions of dollars to look cute and sexy. In any of these dresses you can put on one on and you look as good as someone wearing a $3,000 dress."

You were recently named TV's highest earning actress. How did you react when you heard that?

"It's great to be acknowledged for anything in this business. Of course I don't like it for numbers to be thrown out there but as a magazine like Forbes says, you have to embrace everything and it's apart of my work."

On Sunday night, you Tweeted your Emmy Awards red carpet wardrobe malfunction. What's your advice to a woman who has a similar problem?

"You have to laugh about it because what can you do? I wasn't going to let it ruin my night because it was such an important night for me and for my TV show — we won and I just wanted to be able to go up there and be with the cast so I made sure that they sewed me back in. I'm not sure how, but they did a great job. It's all about not stopping the celebration."

It's the middle of Hispanic Heritage Month. What do you love about being Latina this year?

"I think everything – I love being Colombian because it made me who I am, from my personality to my body."

Your show Modern Family premieres tonight and your character Gloria is pregnant this season. How has that changed the dynamic of the show?

"Well it's very uncomfortable to carry a fake pregnancy belly but I think there's going to be a lot of new stories that the writers can play with so I think it will be fun for them!"

Will you be tuning into Modern Family tonight? What do you think of Sofia's collection for Kmart? Take a peek below and let us know in the comments!