Sofia & Joe: 6 Reasons They Were Made for Each Other

We are so on board with this whole Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello dating thing! The two are like a vision of couple perfection. Here are six reasons why Sofia and Joe were absolutely made for each other:

1. Sofia & Joe 1

1. They look hot, hot, hot together!

Joe is super handsome and Sofia is gorgeous. Talk about a beautful couple, no?

2. Sofia & Joe 2

2. Joe will have tons of time for Sofia... that he's no longer on True Blood. And having starred on a TV show, the hunky actor will be understanding of Sofia's hectic schedule.

3. Sofia & Joe 3

3. Both Sofia and Joe just got out of a serious relationship.

What does that mean? They'll be understanding of each other's decision to take things slow (at least for now).

4. Sofia & Joe 4

4. Sofia's friends and family approve!

Joe was present for Sofia's birthday celebration earlier this month where family members and close friends were also present. Not to mention, even her Modern Family co-stars couldn't be happier for them.

5. Sofia & Joe 5

5. They can be themselves around each other.

No fancy dates needed, Sofia and Joe can enjoy a casual night out eating fried chicken.

6. Sofia & Joe 6

6. Sofia is Joe's type!

When describing his ideal girl, Joe said Sofia was it. “Girls that do squats I love a butt. Sofia Vergara, that’s it," Manganiello said. "She’s got that Latin thing going. She’s got the butt, she’s got curves, she’s got a beautiful face, beautiful hair, just gorgeous and she’s feisty,” To us, this just means he'd practically worship the ground she walks on. What girl wouldn't want that?!