Sofia Vergara: “I Am Going To Think About Freezing My Eggs"

Sofia Vergara is thinking about modern ways to expand her family tree. The Modern Family star is turning 40 in July and (just like plenty of women) she is thinking about freezing her eggs.

Sofia Vergara: "My Boyfriend Loves My Career"

The Colombian star is dating the former candidate for Florida’s senate Nick Leob, but she admits she isn’t ready to start a family with him anytime soon. "I guess I am going to think about freezing my eggs," admits the beautiful bombshell for InStyle’s April cover story. The Chasing Papi star has a 19-year-old son named Manolo.

No Future For Sofia Vergara In Politics - For Now

Men across the nation are probably wondering how Leob managed to romance one of the most beautiful women on television. Vergara says it’s as simple as having a great sense of humor, and yes good looks! "The most important thing was that he was very handsome, But he was also very funny, talking s––– to me like a normal person."

Let the good genes multiple! What do you think about the star’s plans to freeze her eggs?