Sofia Vergara's Fiance Nick Loeb Dishes on New Year’s Brawl

Remember the brawl that Sofia Vergara's fiancé reportedly got into on New Year's Eve?

Well, businessman Nick Loeb finally shared his story on what transpired in a Miami nightclub that night – a night that ended up with an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction for his Colombian fiancée, and both Loeb and Vergara outside the club.

In an interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush, Loeb said he was escorting Vergara to an adjacent table when security stopped him.

“I was not going to send my girlfriend in there alone. What guy would do that?” he told Bush. “So I followed her. The security guys let her in, but not me.”

After that happened, Vergara reportedly ran to Loeb and crashed into the guards. She was then told to leave the club, and Loeb followed. What resulted from the incident were leaked photos of a very flustered Vergara with her left breast hanging out.

Even with Loeb’s account, it still seems like one hot mess of a night – glad it was just a one-night thing!