Sofia Vergara's Best #TBT Photos Ever

Sofia Vergara knows the power of a good #TBT. This Colombian bombshell may be 42-years-old, but she continues to wow us with her mesmerizing curves and dazzling smile. If you think she looks good now, just wait until you see these pictures of her from the past. At 15, 20, 30, and 40, Vergara has always been a bombshell beauty. 

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There's nothing like a mother and son #tbt pictured here with her son, Manolo.


A #tbt of Sofia's first concert, she was destined to be a star.


Sofia gave a special shoutout to her longtime friend Margarita Heilbron


The Colombian born star shared a #tbt of her dressed for carnival in Baranquilla


We can see where Sofia got her good looks from! She shared this photo of her mother for mother's day.


A #tbt of Sofia in Miami Beach which she captioned "to when I didnt know my 2 favorite things where bad for u! Sun and transfats #thegoodtimes#boththingsmademybuttlookgreat"


The model shared a #tbt of her Univision days in Acapulco


How cute does Sofia Vergara look in that sailor costume! She has clearly believed in the power of red lipstick since an early age. 


Vergara, shown here on Halloween in 1992, gave birth to her son, Manolo Vergara, in September of that same year.


Vergara cuddles with a young Manolo in this photo posted to his Instagram. "Proof that I was using #HeadAndShoulders right out of the womb," he wrote, referring to his family's partnership with the shampoo brand.


You can definitely see the resemblance between Vergara and her young son! 


Seriously, she hasn't aged a day...


Just chilling on the stoop — in a serious pair of heels. Vergara always looks ultra glam. 


We can't decide if Vergara looks better now.... or then. Either way, we're getting some serious 90s-vibes from that bikini. 


The Colombian bombshell flaunts her curves in an itty-bitty white bikini. 


Beach babe! Vergara looks perfectly at home as she lounges on la playa in a sexy, lacy bikini.


Vergara brings a whole new meaning to the term MILF.