Daily Chisme: Sofia Vergara on Plans To Have a Baby - "It's Not Impossible"

Happy Thursday chisme lovers! Get your gossip rundown below:

- Sofia Vergara chatted with Latina.com exclusively about her new Kmart line for this fall and her (now) infamous wardrobe malfunction yesterday, but she also spilled the beans on life, love, and having more babies on the Katie Show.

Sofia, who got engaged to fiancé, Nick Loeb, on her 40th birthday, admitted that she isn’t ruling out becoming a mami of two. “I never thought I could have another baby because I’m done with Manolo and I’m 40-years-old, but I realize that most of my American girlfriends are my age and still don’t have kids,” she added, “So I guess if I wanted to do it, I could do it. It’s not that impossible.”

She went on to say that maybe she’ll start the baby-making process next year. Jeez, why don’t we let her enjoy the engagement and the married life for a little, no?

- Ricky Martin newly single? The Puerto Rican pop star is declaring that the rumors are totally false, reports People en Español. “That’s totally made up and I have no idea where it came from,” he said.

- Christina Aguilera spoke to Billboard about her latest album, Lotus, and expressed that she plans on returning to her Stripped roots. “There's always going to be a fighter in me getting through some obstacle and some hurdle." Bring on the drama X-Tina!

Watch Sofia Vergara's interview with Kate Couric below: