'Saturday Night Live' Takes On Sexual Harassment With Welcome to Hell Skit

Instagram/Saturday Night Live

At first glance, the bubblegum pink background, lollipops and candy rings made viewers think they're about to watch a syrupy sweet pop music parody on Saturday Night Live (SNL). But the “Welcome to Hell” lyrics sang by host Saoirse Ronan, Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon weren’t anything by Taylor Swift.

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Sadly, sexual harassment and sexual assault are nothing new for women. With the last few months exposing men in the industry as sexual offenders—because many folks refused to believe that so many “cool, powerful guys” were habitual predators the skit spoke volumes. As the ladies said: it’s “button under the desk bad,” which was a dig at former Today Show host Matt Lauer, who was fired from his $25 million anchor post amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

While all of this breaking news has folks on edge wondering who is going to be next on the hit list, the faux girl group sings that this isn’t news—it’s been a problem “since we’ve had boobs.” Leslie Jones (who should have been a member of the pretend group) pops up for a cameo to remind everyone that it’s worse for women of color.

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And for those who were upset that the Today Show and House of Cards were ruined thanks to Lauer and Kevin Spacey respectively, the ladies explain that simple pleasures like working to a parked car, sipping a cocktail at a bar and rocking a ponytail were destroyed a long time ago.

Watch the “Welcome to Hell” video below.

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