‘SNL’ Lands First Latina Castmate, But She Isn’t Winning the Crowd with Her Racist Tweeting

‘SNL’s' First Latina Isn't Winning the Crowd with Her Racist Tweeting

Melissa Villaseñor is already stirring controversy on Twitter.

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While people were thrilled about Saturday Night Live finally casting a Latina, fans of the show aren’t pleased with the former America’s Got Talent star’s recent Twitter history after a user uncovered some racist comments.

A Twitter user by the name Aura Bogado questioned Villaseñor’s Twitter feed after the comedienne deleted 2,000 of her posts. “I'm excited about the first latina on SNL but not gonna lie: deleting 2K tweets in 5 days is... odd,” wrote Bogato.

This prompted the user to do a little investigating and found a few tweets that Villaseñor forgot to delete including one that she wrote comparing a dog to a Japanese man and calling an “ugly, bossy black lady” a Steve Urkel lookalike.

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Currently, the SNL star's Twitter is private, but that hasn’t stop followers from commenting on her racist remarks, including Bogado who reminded the world that while some may think Villaseñor was being funny, her tweets were clearly singling out certain ethnic groups.

“Some people don't seem to get that some of Melissa Villaseñor's tweets weren't jokes. They were just racist statements,” wrote Bodado. “If you're more upset at me pointing out her tweets than you are about Villaseñor's racism itself, good luck. I can't help you.”