Sh*t Latino Celebs Say: 8 Outrageous Quotes

Latin celebs say some crazy things! Whether they’re sounding off on their own bodies (Salma Hayek), suggesting that others do things to theirs (Roselyn Sanchez), praising mass murderers (John Galliano) or threatening bodily harm (Snooki), they create headlines for us to enjoy. Thanks, celebs!

1. Says: Roselyn Sanchez

"For you it's a party, but for dogs/animals it's hell. During these holidays do something original, light a firecracker up your ass."— Roselyn Sanchez, animal rights activist actress, tweeting fans about forgoing fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

2. Says: Brett Ratner

“Rehearsal is for fa**.” —Cuban American director Brett Ratner, right before he stepped down as producer of the Oscars.

3. Says: Pitbull

“Sometimes I may mess around with my woman and say, ‘Oye, tell your boyfriend to leave because I’m on my way home. But tell him to make the bed before he goes!’”—Pitbull, on his courtesy phone calls to his partner.

4. Says: Salma Hayek

"Please, Jesus, give me some boobs!"—Salma Hayek, on her childhood prayers, on the Graham Norton Show

5. Says: Christina Aguilera

"What so proudly we watched at the twilight's last reaming!"—Christina Aguilera, getting the lyrics to the national anthem wrong at Super Bowl XLV.

6. Says: Snooki

"Is @ladygaga in L.A.? Cuz I'd like to rape her before I leave. K thanks!"— Jersey Shore star Snooki, tweeting on a recent trip to LalaLand.

7. Says: John Galliano

“I love Hitler.”—John Galliano, caught on video at a Parisian café, during an argument with two fellow patrons. He was fired as head designer at Dior.

8. Says: Amaury Nolasco

“I’m Puerto Rican, I’ll be great at selling drugs.”— Puerto Rican actor Amaury Nolasco, inexplicably being OK with saying this line on his new show, Work It.

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