Shakira's Former Boyfriend Claims He Did Not Abuse Her

Osvaldo Ríos, who has a history of domestic violence, spoke out to defend of himself recently against accusations that he was abusive towards former girlfriend Shakira, whom he dated in the mid 1990's.  The 49-year-old Triunfo del Amor actor is fielding yet another accusation after girlfriend Kassiana Rosso claimed that she endured psychological abuse while they were dating.

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In regards to rumors of his relationship ending with Shakira because of abuse, Ríos vehemently denied it.  “All of that is ridiculous – one of the greatest lies ever invented,” he told TV y Novelas.  “She [Shakira] herself denied it in an interview in the television show, Show Business, and said I acted like a prince with her.” 

According to the website, Ríos added that his relationship with the Colombian singer was so great that the majority of the songs in her Dónde Están los Ladrones album were dedicated to him. 

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“You don’t write songs like that for someone who mistreats you,” he insists.  The couple eventually split in 1996.