Is Shakira's Ex Dating Celines Toribio?

Though she has already denied rumors of a romance, Dominican actress Celines Toribio was spotted out and about with Shakira's ex-man Antonio de la Rua on what appeared suspiciously like a date!

TVYNovelas photographers caught the pair exiting her Miami hotel last night and may have left them alone if they weren't trying so hard to not be noticed! But the truth couldn't be further from appearances. Celines is happily married to an affluent Puerto Rican businessman and has known de la Rua for years.

Shakira's ex picked Toribio up and took her to Alejandro Sanz's house, where the two hung out with a big group of friends. Looks like the paparazzi are going to have to focus on Shakira and Pique if they really want any scandalous shots!