Shakira is Working on New Music: 'My Kids are Going to Have to Excuse Me for a Bit'

Shakira Talks New Album & Juggling It All As a Mami
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Shakira – or as we like to call her, The Colombian Superwoman – has no problem wearing multiple hats.

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The 39-year-old star is busy working on her 11th studio album and is trying to get her priorities in order, Fox News Latino reports. “I’ve been taking a temporary license away from music for my kids, justified by them,” she explained on a British TV show recently. “And the truth is that it was healthy because there have been times in my life that I have fought with my own career, because you get driven to the point where you really need to step away for a second.”

The singer’s Instagram shows that she’s been busy at work, back in the studio and writing music. “The reality is that it is vital for me, and this is who I am,” she continued. “Music is the very fiber of my being. And I need to get back to it, so my kids are going to have to excuse me for a little bit.”

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Shakira explains that her sons, Milan and Sasha, along with hubby Gerard Piqué may just have to visit her in the studio more in the coming months. Her most recent music project was an original song, “Try Anything”, for Disney’s Zootopia.