Shakira Surpasses Oprah!

We've always known that Shakira is both popular and influential, so it doesn't surprise us that the Colombian singer has now surpassed Oprah in Twitter followers – making her the only Latina currently among the Top 10 most followed users on the social media website! 

Even with all of the buzz that Oprah has enjoyed this week, because of the series finale of her long-running talk show, the talk show queen now trails Shakira on Twitter by nearly 230,000 followers. 

Compared to a first place Lady Gaga, who as of 2:30 p.m. today has 10,397,514, Shakira is holding her ground with 6,208,918 followers. We expect her to keep moving up in the ranks.

Now, if we can only get more Latinos to join her. Who is your favorite Latino celebrity on Twitter?