Shakira Suing Against Defamation, Extortion Plot

It looks like Jennifer Lopez isn't the only Latina facing a potential extortion plot against her. Fox News Latino is reporting that Colombian singer Shakira has also found herself dealing with the same headache.

Shakira's former employees threatened to spill details about her personal life unless she paid them half a million dollars. The singer began receiving threats and blackmail attempts after she fired the employees for reasons which have not been disclosed. But the two former employees, who worked for Shakira for over 11 years, are claiming that the singer fired them after they refused to prepare her a plate of food in the middle of the night.

Now the "Rabiosa" singer is taking action against these employees and suing them on counts of extortion and defamation. Shakira's attorney commented on the case saying, “There is clear evidence of intentions to defame and cause harm to my client by taking advantage of her public persona and spotless personal reputation in exchange for money.”

Do you think Shakira's former employees are telling the truth? Is Shakira right to sue?