Shakira & Quincy Jones Join Colombian President Santos to Raise Money for Flood Victims

Shakira is working on a special television program with producer Quincy Jones to raise funds for the 2.4 million victims left homeless after what many are saying has been Colombia’s worst rain season in decades.

Last Friday in Bogota, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos publicly thanked the Barranquilla native for her involvement in helping the country after harsh winter rains caused flooding and mudslides, killing more than 250 people.

“Thank you very much for your solidarity, for that great heart you’ve always had,” said President Santos in a meeting a day before she took the stage at Bogota’s Parque Simon Bolivar for Sale el Sol World Tour. “I want to tell you that what you did with Quincy Jones reaches deep in our hearts, it moves us and demonstrates to us the great person you are.”

The television special will eventually air in the United States and Shakira said that they want “Colombians to know that they are not alone.”

The singer’s efforts for this humanitarian campaign began last December when she recorded a video inviting people to donate resources at a time when her country needs them the most.

Watch Shakira’s call to action.