Shakira & Piqué Wipe Out In White-Water Rafting Accident

While on vacation recently, Shakira and Gerard Piqué got quite a scare during a white-water rafting trip. Luckily, there were no serious injuries, just a few bumps and scrapes, but Shakira, who reportedly caused the accident, was a little shaken up.

At first glance, everything looked like it was going smoothly as Piqué sat out front. But Shakira began paddling in the wrong direction when they hit a rough patch and before long, the whole crew wound up in the water! Though Piqué didn't look like he was doing much—riding comfortably up front while he let his girlfriend do all the hard work—he still had some jokes for Shaki.

"Because of @shakira's lack of coordination while paddling, all of us fell into the water! White water rafting is so much fun!" the soccer star posted on his Twitter page. Check out the video he posted on his Whosay account below:

Gerard Pique on WhoSay