Shakira Goes House Hunting with Pique

One week after she changed the lyrics to her song "Hips Don't Lie" to include her soccer star boyfriend Gerard Pique, rumor has it that Shakira and the FC Barcelona star are looking to buy a home together in Spain, where Shaki plans to settle down permanently. The couple was recently spotted on a trip to Málaga checking out a 2 million dollar beach home in the tony section of town where superstars like Antonio Banderas already own homes.

All this talk of cohabitation has tongues wagging at how fast (and public) the two have been with their relationship. Shaki was with Antonio de la Rua for 10-plus years and was never photographed being so openly affectionate. So is marriage a real possibility for the duo, despite the ten year age difference?

Not if you go buy Shaki's view of the institution: “The idea of wearing a white dress is very romantic, but the real point of marriage is a contract and that is not romantic to me," she admits. "I also didn’t want to be under constant pressure to name a day. Then, after the marriage, the only thing people want to know is when the divorce will be."

Well, she sort of has a point. We're just happy she seems so happy!