Shakira's "Birth Announcement" Was a Joke, Gerard Pique Confirms

Hardy har har.

It turns out that Shakira did not give birth last night. It seemed as though the Colombian superstar's fans were thrown into hysteria last night after her beau Gerard Pique tweeted that their son was born.

"Ya ha nacido nuestro hijo! Estamos muy felices! Gracias a todos por vuestros mensajes! ("Our first son was born! We are really happy! Thanks to everyone for their messages")" tweeted the Spanish soccer superstar. The short message was re-tweeted more than 23,000 times, which clearly shows (time and time again) how much weight social media carries.

But, alas, it seemed to have all been a joke. "Ya tiene nombre! Se llama Inocencio! Feliz Día de los Inocentes a todos! (It has a name! It's called Innocent! Happy Fool's Day")," he tweeted almost 10 hours after the "birth announcement." Pique's joke was done on Spain's equivalent of April Fool's Day.

No more kidding, please Gerard! Now...we can't wait for the birth to really happen.