Shakira Criticized For Using Fake Spanish Accent

Shakira Criticized For Using Fake Spanish Accent
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Shakira’s voice is usually only associated with chart-topping hits, but the singer is under the microscope for putting on what some are calling a fake accent.

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The 39-year-old singer was recently in her native Colombia to film the music video for her new song, “La Bicicleta." While interacting with fans, Shakira reportedly put on a fake Spanish accent, causing many of her fellow Colombians to cringe. One follower even recorded Shakira talking.

Fans quickly noticed the change in the singer’s voice, and took to Twitter to express to show their disdain for the singer's change. One fan tweeted, “Did you hear Shakira’s accent? God." Another wrote: “Shakira in her own country, in her native city, where she grew up and lived, speaking with a Spanish accent…Ahhh okkk!!!”

Despite fans’ reactions, it’s important to note that Shakira has been living in Spain with hubby Gerard Pique and their two children since 2011. Though many fans may not be happy with the change, it’s inevitable and natural to occur after residing in Spain for more than five years. According to Fox News Latino, Shakira has been criticized in the past for picking up an Argentine accent while dating ex-boyfriend Antonio de la Rua for nearly 11 years.

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Watch the video below of Shakira speaking with the "fake" Spanish accent: