Shakira Launches A Bilingual App Every Latino Parent Will Love

Shakira Launches Bilingual App Every Parents Will Love
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Shakira may be famous for her hip-shaking moves, but her favorite role is as a mother of two little boys.  

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The 39-year-old singer may have the whole mami thing down pat now, but when she first welcomed sons Milan and Sasha, she sought parenting advice from those around her. More specifically, Shakira researched how to raise her children to speak many languages, Fox News Latino reports. Now, the singer has created a bilingual parenting app to help parents in a similar situation.

Fisher-Price helped create the app, titled Grow, to offer developmental tips, age-appropriate activities, and social media options for parents to share all their special memories from their child's life.

"I wanted it to be something that wasn’t overwhelming, but that was really thorough and offered a rich variety of content,” Shakira told PopSugar. "With this app, you can simply use the daily age-appropriate tip or activity sent to you, or you can access the entire library of tips at any time if you’re looking for something different or want to focus on a specific developmental category that day.”

The singer, a self-proclaimed "serial documenter", enjoys the fact that she can document everything from her boys' lives. She explained: "My mother documented all my progress and I do the same with my children since they were born."

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The singer also explained that it was very important for her that the app be available in Spanish for all mothers to enjoy. "There are many mothers in Latin American countries that have less support than others that I want to help, even a small contribution," she said.