49 Super Cute Pics of Shakira's Bebé, Milan

Who isn't obsessed with looking at adorable baby photos? Especially celebrity ones. We can't get over how precioso Shakira's bebe Milan is — take a peek at Milansito's best moments!

1. Super Cute Pics of Shakira's Bebé, Milan

Love Rocks

Shakira posted a picture with her two favorite love gurus, Milan and Sasha.

2. Super Cute Pics of Shakira's Bebé, Milan

The Family That Gets Silly Together, Stays Together

Where can we buy one of these matching pajama sets? 

3. Super Cute Pics of Shakira's Bebé, Milan

When You Wish Upon A Shrine...

In 2012, Shakira made two wishes at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. They both came true!

4. Shakira Milan Soccer

Go, Daddy, Go!

Little Milan and Shakira cheer on Gerard Pique in his soccer match in Spain. 

5. Milan: Gerard Pique Barca

Like Papi, Like Son: 

On September 11th — The National Day of Catalonia — Gerard Pique and Milan both donned festive Spanish-themed costumes to celebrate their heritage. Milan even sported a itsy-bitsy Barca jersey in the colors of la bandera

6. milan baby aug 01

Safety First!

Can you handle the cuteness?! Milan sported a helmet while out with mom and dad. 

7. Milan: Cows

Udderly Gorgeous Family! 

Get it? Gerard Pique posted an adorable shot of his family hanging out with some grazing cows on a ranch. The Spanish footballer has one arm around Shakira, and the other around baby Milan, who showed off his country flair in a teeny tiny plaid button-down shirt. 

8. Milan: Funicular

Family Fun-icular

The FC Barcelona defender posted another picture of his smiling family riding into an unknown city on a funicular. This beautiful photo certainly deserves a spot on the fireplace mantel! 

9. Milan: World Cup

World Cup Star

Little Milan shined bright, as he took center stage with mami during the 2014 World Cup closing ceremony.

10. Milan: Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day!

Gerard Pique spent some quality time with his little man in Washington D.C. on Father’s Day — just days before the World Cup kicked off in Rio de Janeiro. 

11. Milan: Shakira Kisses

Mother's Day Kisses

Milan gives his mami some besitos on Mother’s Day! This is a picture we’re sure Shakira will cherish forever. 

12. Milan: Mother's Day

Chubby Cheeks

Shakira celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 4th — the official date of the holiday in Barcelona, Spain. “¡¡Feliz día de la madra!! ¡De otra mami! ¡Besos! Shak,” she posted, along with an adorable close-up of her baby boy. 

13. Milan: Mi Bebito

Mi Bebito

Ay, que precioso! We can't decide on the cutest part of this picture: is it his marshmallow cheeks? Pouty lips? Soulful eyes? Or is it his t-shirt of a french bulldog wearing a scuba-diving mask? 

14. Milan: Cartagena, Colombia

Mommy’s Little Helper

Shakira brought Milan with her to Cartagena, Colombia for the inauguration of the newest Barefoot Foundation school. Milan is only a year-old, but he’s already helping mamá with her charity work! 

15. Milan: Hair

There's Something About…Milan

Shakira's bebé, who celebrated his first birthday earlier this month, got a little daring with his hair choices. We love it!

16. Milan Pique Baby Pictures: Shakira Mocking

Fussy Faces

Gerard posted this photo of Shakira mocking baby Milan while he was being fussy. Too funny!

17. Milan Pique Baby Pictures: Christmas

Merry Christmas

Milan, Shakira and Gerard shared their first navidad as a familia this year!

18. Milan Pique Baby Pictures: Stroller Smile

Going for a Ride

"Riding around in my automobile..." Milan looks adorable cruising in his stroller, just look at those dimples!

19. Milan Pique Baby Pictures: Stroller

Curious Cutie

Looks like something caught baby Milan's attention.

20. Milan Pique Baby Pictures: Watching Futbol

Future Footballer

It looks like Milan may want to follow in the footsteps of his famous footballer papá! 

21. Milan Pique Baby Pictures: London Studio

...Or Future Rockstar?

Will Milan choose a life on the stage or on the soccer field? 

22. Milan Pique Baby Pictures: Halloween

Officer Milan

For Halloween this year, baby Milan was dressed up as one of the cutest police men we've ever seen. "Police Baby! Happy Halloween to all!" Instagrammed papi Gerard.

23. Milan Pique Baby Pictures: Horse

Riding on My Horse!

"Milan's first horse experience!" Gerard Pique wrote on his Instagram when posting this adorable photo.

24. Milan Pique Baby Pictures: Family Collage

Family Collage Perfection

Shakira posted this sweet family collage via her Instagram on November 17 and all we can is..."Aww"

25. Milan Pictures: Barcelona Futbol Game 1

Mama's Boy!

Shakira took Milansito to watch papa Gerard Pique during La Liga match between FC Barcelona and Sevilla FC at Camp Nou in Barcelona on September 14.

26. Milan Pictures: Barcelona Futbol Game 2

Momento on the Field!

Baby Milan joined his parents on the field before La Liga match between FC Barcelona and Sevilla FC officially kicked off.

27. Milan Pictures: Barcelona Futbol Game 3

Rooting Papi On

Milan intensely looks on, along with mami and Abuela Pique, as his daddy plays in the FC Barcelona and Sevilla FC match.

28. Milan Pique Pictures: AC/DC

Rock n’ Roll!

“Rock and roll baby!!” Shakira posted, with her smiling Milan rocking an AC/DC shirt. 

29. Milan Pique Pictures: Supercup


Milan looks adorable posing with the Supercup, FC Barcelona’s first title of the year. 

30. Milan Pique Pictures: Gerard

Boys Will Be Boys

Shakira is one lucky lady!

31. Milan Pique Pictures: Family

Family Portrait

The adorable family poses with the Supercup on the field, and baby Milan gives his best model face.

32. Milan Pique Pictures: Ribbons

What Do These Do?

“Forget the cup, what are these ribbons?”

33. Milan Pique Pictures: Looks Up

Say Cheese

Milan looks up while dad’s arms keep him steady. So cute!

34. Milan Pique Pictures: Plane


Just hangin’ out on the plane. 

35. Milan Pique Picture 081913

Dimpled Smiley Face

Que hermosura! Milan just seems to get cuter by the minute. Shakira recently shared this photo of her adorable bebe with a caption that read: "I know it's been too many lately but I just can't help it (notice the dimple on the right)." No worries, Shaki! Keep giving us more.

36. Milan Pictures 073013 1

Musical Bebé

Baby Milan loves to give a hand to his famous mami when it comes to her music. Shakira uploaded this photo onto her Facebook page recently, with the caption: “We're back in the studio taking care of business and getting things done!” Aww!

37. Milan Pictures 073013 3

Daddy’s Boy

An adorable Milan poses with his father, Spanish soccer star Gerard Piqué. He had no idea that in a few seconds, his dad was going to surprise him with a tickle session.

38. Milan Pictures 073013 2


O. M. G. We almost can’t take the adorableness in this photo. Baby Milan peers up the camera as his dad tickles the goodness out of him. Look at those faint dimples – we love them!

39. Milan Baby Pictures: Soccer Ball

Future Soccer Star

Aww! Proud mami Shakira beams at photographers as she tucks baby Milan closely to her. On her right hand, the superstar holds a soccer ball – the perfect choice for her budding athlete. There’s no doubt Milan will be great at soccer just like his father Gerard Piqué.

40. Milan Baby Pictures: Playdate

Play Date

Shakira posted this absolutely adorable photo of her son on his very first play date. Milan looks so focused on his toys; we love his cute onesie and chunky legs!

41. Milan Baby Pictures 1

Shakira and Gerard Pique

What a beautiful family! Shakira and Gerard share a sweet moment with their baby boy Milan in this lovely family portrait.

42. Milan Baby Pictures 2

Baby Milan

Shakira shared this close-up of her son Milan relaxing at home. Check out those big brown eyes. Que lindo!

43. Milan Baby Pictures 3


Why, hello there baby! Shakira posted this picture of Milan via her Instagram. We're wondering what was grabbing his attention.

44. Milan Baby Pictures 4

Shakira and Gerard Pique

Gerard posted this cute photo of he and his family at soccer stadium Camp Nou.

45. Milan Baby Pictures: Father's Day

Father’s Day

The Colombian superstar posted this adorable portrait of the two main men in her life on Twitter, with the message: !!Feliz día del padre!! !Te amamos! Tu familia [Happy Father’s Day!! We love you! Your family].” What a gorgeous trio! 

46. Milan Baby Pictures 5

Gerard Pique

Aww! There's nothing like a sweet father and son moment to make your heart melt. This was the first photo Shakira and Gerard shared to introduce little Milan to the world.

47. Milan Baby Pictures 6

Gerard Pique and Milan

Shakira took a picture of her boys as they waited at the passport office. Shakira tweeted, "Daddy and Son waiting for Milan's passport!"

48. Milan Baby Pictures 7

Shakira and Milan

The Voice judeges got a chance to meet baby Milan when Shakira took him on set, but he didn't look too happy.

49. Milan Baby Pictures 8

Shakira and Milan

Another pic of Shakira and her son on the set of The Voice. We love that shirt, Milan!