Sex Worker Accuses Don Omar of Bouncing on His Tab

Don Omar can't seem to stay out of trouble. The latest scandal involves and Argentinean sex worker who spent three nights with the reggaeton star. In an exclusive interview with TV show Ventaneando, the sex worker, "Natalia," said that she never expected Omar (who is married to Jackie Guerrido) to skip out on his tab.

"On the second day, he made himself scarce, but it wasn't a problem. I never thought he would be that kind of person. I figured, he'll call me again tomorrow and I would collect what was owed, because this is, after all, a professional service. And I'll give you pleasure with my body, do what you want me to do, daddy, and you pay me. But it wasn't like that," said Natalia in her televised interview.

Visibly bothered, she said that neither the singer nor his staff has responded to her phone calls and threatens that she has proof they were together if Omar tries to deny it. Read the full story here.

Do you think the sex worker is telling the truth, or is she just trying to extort money from the star?