Weird News: 12 Sets of Cuban Twins Live On Same Havana Block

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Could it be something in the water? 

Cubanos are marveling at an amazing coincidence in a western Havana neighborhood. On two consecutive blocks, 12 sets of twins live alongside each other. The twins range in age from newborns to senior citizens.

“We were the first ones,” said Fe Fernandez, 65. Her identical sister, Esperanza, said, “It’s incredible!” 

According to The Huffington Post, at first glance, 68 A-Street doesn’t appear to be anything special. Children play ballgames in the streets as tropical music floats through the neighborhood. However, the tranquil scene turns into the Twilight Zone when residents start seeing double. 

“Hi, I’m Carla, and this is my sister Camila,” said Carla Rodriguez, one half of a pair of nine-year-old twins. “We love living on this block because we have twin friends!” 

The abundance of twins has no explanation. Tamara Velazquez, who’s been busy raising six-year-old identical sister Asley and Aslen said, “I never expected it. No fertility treatments. It was my first pregnancy, and at five weeks they did an ultrasound and I was carrying twins.”

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