Selena “Really Happy” with Justin Bieber – With Media, Not So Much

Selena Gomez is really happy with pop-star boyfriend Justin Bieber! With a smile, the 18-year-old actress recently told E! news exactly that on the red carpet for the recent MTV movie awards. She also shared that she stays focused on her fans, music, acting and the people who make her happy (Bieber included). 

The star isn't a fan of the ongoing media coverage of her and Bieber, however.  “It’s horrible. It’s just horrible,” the young starlet said of the constant media scrutiny of her relationship with the pop star.

But they are clearly not letting the attention affect their day-to-day lives. The lovebirds have been spotted all over the place recent weeks—from vacationing in Hawaii to visiting Justin's family in Canda, to eating at a sushi restaurant after Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards.