Selena Gomez's Summer of Fun!

Selena Gomez has much to look forward to this upcoming summer. She shares the big screen with Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester in Monte Carlo, a coming-of-age movie about three girlfriends from Texas vacationing in France who shop 'till they drop, go sightseeing and get themselves caught up in one hilarious misunderstanding after another.

"It's a fun movie about three girls who try to go on a vacation," Gomez told "And it ends up being horrible and my character gets mistaken for a British heiress, and they figure, 'What better way to make a horrible vacation amazing than to be a British heiress?'”

The film is set to open on Fourth of July weekend, but that doesn’t mean summer fun is over Selena.  She is currently working on a new music album, and will most likely be promoting it throughout the summer as it’s set to release June 28. We were excited to hear from that Britney Spears wrote three of the songs on Selena's upcoming album, which sounds awesome to us, especially since Spears knows what it’s like to be in Selenita’s shoes: not a girl, not yet a woman.

According to album’s producer Kevin Rudolph, "The lyrics are like a drug, so catchy! It's easy, fast and really sexy!" We’ll definitely be picking up our copy!