Selena Gomez's Favorite Fast Food Restaurants!

Selena Gomez loves her fast food restaurants! And she’s "corrupted" those she has worked with too. The starlet's Spring Breakers (out today) costar Ashley Benson spoke about having to gain weight during the movie’s filming, per director Harmony Korine. That seemed to be no problem for Gomez.

“I love fast food. It’s so bad, and [Selena] brings it out in me. Always at McDonald’s. I never go to McDonald’s, but every time I’m with Selena, she makes me eat so bad,” the star confessed. This made us think about all the times Gomez has been spotted picking up delicious greasiness. Check out her photos below:

1. SelenaGomez_FastFood_KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Look at that big bucket. One thing is for sure – Selena loves her chicken! Here she is seen walking out of a Kentucky Fried Chicken establishment in Encino, Calif. Can she throw us a wing?

2. SelenaGomez_FastFood_IHOP


Because who doesn’t like breakfast food – at any time of day? Here, Gomez was spotted heading to the family restaurant chain with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, back when the two were completely head over heels for each other. Apparently they went to this one in Encino, Calif. all the time.

3. SelenaGomez_FastFood_TacoBell

Taco Bell

Selena quiere Taco Bell. And so do we. Now, if only we could keep an amazing figure like Selena's after scarfing down the chain's 7-layer burrito. But life has a special way of delivering us harsh realities.

4. SelenaGomez_FastFood_McDonalds


Like we already mentioned, Selena loves her McDonald’s and can’t seem to stay away from the chain. We think it’s those damn fries. Here Selena is pictured waiting beside a drive-through window – perhaps she looks depressed because she can’t wait to get her food. Again, it’s those damn fries.

5. SelenaGomez_FastFood_Subway


Hey, Subway is technically fast food, but way healthier than the food served at Ronald McDonald’s house, right? Here is Selena with her ex Justin as they chowed down on some subs in LA back in 2012.