7 Things You Need to Know This Morning

7 Things You Need to Know This Morning

1. Selena Gomez and The Weeknd took date night to the next level in Toronto. The two stars reportedly rented out an entire movie showing of Get Out, in order to have their much-needed alone time together. (No biggie though – it only costed them a whopping $1,500!)

Later, they were spotted out and about again near the Thompson Toronto Hotel, grabbing lunch together. Photos show the two of them holding hands, kissing, and enjoying one another's company in the rapper's hometown. (InStyle)

2. According to reports, the Kardashian sisters make a whole lot of money from Instagram ads, with Kim making the highest at $500,000 per post, and Kourtney and Khloe making $250,000 per post. (Perez Hilton)

3. Saturday Night Live will finish off season 24 with a live broadcast of the show throughout the country. (EW)

4. Students at the University of Puerto Rico are fighting back against the massive budget cuts through riots, strikes, and more. (Remezcla)

5. Kendall Jenner called the cops after thinking she was robbed in her Hollywood home. (E! News)

6. Amanda Seyfried secretly eloped with fiancée Thomas Sadoski, after just a year of dating. (E! News)

7. James Corden and his crew took it upon themselves to recreate Beauty and the Beast in a new edition of "Crosswalk the Musical". Watch the hilarious skit below: