Selena Gomez is Single — And Talks Tinder!

Selena Gomez is Single — And Talks Tinder!

Selena Gomez is single. Again.

Gomez, 22, confirmed that her and on-again, off-again boyfriend, Justin Bieber, have gone their separate ways.

Although she penned her anthem "The Heart Wants It Wants" about 20-year-old Bieber, she said she has nothing but love for him.

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"I definitely have so much respect and love for him," Gomez told NRJ radio in Norway. "And going in the studio is just very therapeutic... It was my way of having it be a message more to people in general. People everywhere feel this feeling, and they should understand when anybody goes through that."

Gomez later confessed that although she may be single, she "doesn't even know how to work [Tinder.]"

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We love that Selena is enjoying the single life, but when she's ready for a new boyfriend, we have a few suggestions. Listen to her interview below!